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'Atlanta' or 'Insecure'? | Must Watch Melaniny Amusement | 2016 Bossip Awards

  • USA
  • English
  • 2016
  • PG
  • 'Atlanta' or 'Insecure'? | Must Watch Melaniny Amusement | 2016 Bossip Awards

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The 2016 Bossip Awards highlights the top posts on the site for the entire year. This year comedians Shawty Shawty, Charlamagne tha God, viral star Summerella, our editorial staff and reality stars Momma Dee & InkMan chime on who should receive the Must Watch Melaniny Amusement Award.

Actors(s): shawty shawty, momma dee, charlamagne da god, inkman, jason lee, alex ford, summerella

Director(s): jade martin


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